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Thank you for visiting Mt. Moriah Outreach Center on the web. We are glad that you have taken an interest in our ministry.  The mission of Mt. Moriah is to Seek, Save and Serve. From our site content we trust and hope that you will be spiritually enriched. It is our prayer that you receive what you need from the Lord. Again, thanks for visiting us on the web.




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The Affirmation of Faith


We believe the Bible to be the inspired and only infallible word of God; we believe that there is one God, eternally existent in Three Persons; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  We believe in the Blessed HOPE, WHICH IS THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH OF GOD , which is in Christ, at His return.

We believe that the only means of being cleansed from sin is through repentance; faith in the precious blood of Jesus Christ and being baptized in water.  We believe that regeneration by the Holy Ghost is essential for personal salvation.

We believe that the redemptive work of Christ on the cross provides healing for the human body in answer to believing prayer.

We believe that the baptism in the HOLY GHOST, according to Acts 2:4 is given to believers who ask for it.

We believe in the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit by Whose indwelling, the Christian is able to live a holy and separated life in this present world.




History of Mount Moriah Outreach

In December, 2001 Bishop Todd L. Fulton founded Mt. Moriah Outreach Center in his home with three members his self, Judith Fulton (wife), Mariah Fulton (daughter). On February 2, 2002 at 11:00 a.m. at 317 Jefferson Street became the birth place to a young minister’s vision. The vision that had begun to grow years before in the spirit of Bishop Todd L. Fulton was brought forth and became a reality during the churches initial service. 

The choir sang the old songs of Zion “Jesus is Mine”, Come On Down Lord”, and The Lord Is Blessing Me”.  The Initial Message was brought forth by Bishop Fulton.  The text was Luke 11:9-10 the Message was entitled, “God Still Answers Prayers”.  Following the service a reception was held in the fellowship hall where the congregation gathered in celebration of the birthing of this new ministry.

Just as a mother waits with anticipation, and excitement to see her first child come forth, many had joined Pastor Fulton in watching the birthing of Mt. Moriah Outreach Center .  Just as that mother expends great energy, care, and concern in preparation for her child to come forth and is elated when all is complete.  Pastor Fulton loving and with much concern, and care prayed, fasted and tended to the church and its preparation. 

He continues to do so with each day, month, and year that passes. He continues to watch the church and its members grow and develop as a loving parent would. The church was occupied by Pentecostal Light House Baptist church. And services were held at 8:00a.m. Dr. A.T. Griffey III. Being the pastor and founder. Dr. Griffey was intrem-pastor at Mt. Carmel Baptist church in Winston-Salem , NC .

Therefore allowing Mt. Moriah to sub-lease the church at 11:00am. God elevated Dr. Griffey quickly and he was installed as the senior Pastor of Mt. Carmel Baptist church. In January 2005 Mt. Moriah secured the lease of the church at 317 Jefferson Street , which is owned by Piney Grove Baptist Church in Winston-Salem , NC . Mt. Moriah ’s church focus is to reach the unchurched and unsaved. MMOC also maintains spiritual development for the body of Christ.

The mission statement is-“Seek, Save, and, Serve”. Seek those that are lost, bring them in and let God Save them, and send them out to serve. There are several active ministries at Mt. Moriah . On Wednesday nights at 7p.m. we study the bible beginning with genesis and ending with revelation and in a year. Breaking down each chapter so that we may rightly divide the word of truth and not perish for lack of knowledge. On Friday nights MMOC Computer learning center that is open to the church as well as the community to educate people on basic computer skill and irradicate computer illiteracy in our church and community. MMOC offers copious resources to educate and uplift the body of Christ as well as the community. Bishop Fulton subscribes to the school of thought that education is our key to the future. Mt Moriah continues to grow daily and its members and pastor continue to seek God’s direction in all that the church offers.







Seek, Save, Serve
Go Forth To Serve The Body of Christ

Favor Confession

Father, thank you for making me righteous and accepted through the Blood of Jesus. Because of that, I am blessed and highly favored by You. I am the object of your affection. Your favor surrounds me as a shield, and the first thing that people come in contact with is my favor shield.
Thank you that I have favor with You and man today. All day long, people go out of their way to bless me and to help me. I have favor with everyone that I deal with today. Doors that were once closed are now opened for me. I receive preferential treatment and I have special privileges. I am God's favored child.

No good thing will He withhold from me. Because of God's favor, my enemies cannot triumph over me. I have supernatural increase and promotion. I declare restoration of everything that the devil has stolen from me. I have honor in the midst of adversaries and an increase in assets -- especially in real estate and expansion of territory.

Because I am highly favored by God, I experience great victories, supernatural turnarounds and miraculous breakthroughs in the midst of great impossibilities. I receive recognition, prominence and honor. Petitions are granted to me even by ungodly authorities. Policies, rules, regulations and laws are changed and reversed on my behalf.

I win battles that I don't even have to fight because God fights them for me. This is the day; the set time and the designated moment for me to experience the free favors of God that profusely and lavishly abound on my behalf.

In Jesus' Name ---Amen

Bishop Todd Fulton



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